Welcome to the fourth issue of LLVM GPU News, a bi-weekly newsletter on all the GPU things under the LLVM umbrella. This issue covers the period from January 8 to January 21 2021.

LLVM GPU News gained a new section: OpenMP Target Offloading, maintained by Johannes Doerfert.

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Industry News and Conference Talks

  • Dmitrii Tolmachev published a blog post on real-time image registration on GPU with VkFFT – a self-made Vulkan Fast Fourier Transform library. Image registration is the problem of determining what coordinate system transformation to apply to an image in order to match it against a different image of the same object. Using a highly-optimized FFT implementation on a commodity GPU (Nvidia 1660Ti) allowed Dimitri to run the image registration algorithm in real time. Matching a pair of 1024x1024 screenshots from Cyberpunk 2077 took around 3ms. The readme on Dimitrii’s GitHub mentions that they are looking for a PhD position or a job.

LLVM and Clang





  • Lenny Guo expressed intention to work on OpenCL conversions via SPIR-V and bring up an mlir-opencl-runner.


  • The SPIR-V dialect now knows traits like SignedOp, UnsignedOp, and UsableInSpecConstantOp to process ops in these categories uniformly.
  • spv.SpecConstantOperation is fully supported now, including serialization and deserialization.

OpenMP (Target Offloading)


  • Discussions usually happen on the mailing list (openmp-dev@lists.llvm.org) or in our weekly “OpenMP in LLVM” meeting, feel free to join in!
  • The LLVM/OpenMP documentation has been online for a few weeks. Initial content is there but the FAQ and other sections are still very much empty; we are looking for volunteers and topics.
  • The memory management APIs proposed for OpenMP 6.0, i.a., to allocate managed memory, are discussed for an (potentially opt-in) inclusion into the LLVM runtime very soon.


External Compilers