Welcome to LLVM GPU News, a bi-weekly newsletter on all the GPU things under the LLVM umbrella. This issue covers the period from January 28 to February 10 2022.

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Industry News and Community Events

LLVM and Clang


  • Jay Foad noticed a NewGVN regression. The missed optimization may hurt GPU performance most as vector loads are common and load latency very high. There are no replies at the time of writing.


  • AMGPU’s enable-flat-scratch was made a subtarget feature instead of a command line argument. The goal was to reduce the amount of global state. D119425
  • CUDA support for the --offload parameter to override the default device target was added. This is meant for SPIR-V targets. D117137
  • HIP gained support for code object v5. D118949




  • The AMDGPU hostcall module flag was replaced with a function attribute. D119216
  • Added device-side async copy operations to the GPU dialect. D119191

OpenMP (Target Offloading)



  • Removed the hard limit of number of teams (65536) for Nvidia GPUs. D119313
  • Fixed a performance regression in BabelStream. D119187
  • Fixed shadow map traversals creating an infinite loop in TestSNAP. D119471
  • Fixed a bug where an AMDGPU barrier was not actually aligned but treated as such. ede248e
  • The new OpenMP offloading driver landed and is now in the test suite. D116541, D118637.
  • Completely removed the old device runtime. The -fopenmp-target-new-runtime option is now deprecated. D118934
  • Added a new flag -fembed-offload-binary to support bundling offloading files with the host binary (as an ELF section). D116542
  • -Xopenmp-target= was extended to accept shortened triples. D118495

External Compilers


oneAPI DPC++

CUDA/HIP support

  • Added HIP AMD support for ilogb, log2, and remainder. DPCPP#5272
  • Added generic address space implementation for frexp, modf, and sincos built-ins on the HIP backend. DPCPP#5377
  • Added CUDA-specific values for memory advice query. DPCPP#5090
  • Made PTXAS the optimization level default to -O3 to fix issues caused by optimization levels inconsistencies between PTXAS and clang compilers. DPCPP#5188
  • Added bitwise reductions for CUDA. DPCPP#5416
  • Added the -fsycl-fp32-prec-sqrt flag to enable high precision sqrt implementation. DPCPP#5309

SYCL 2020 support

  • Old style sycl::atomics are deprecated in the SYCL 2020 mode. DPCPP#5440

Non-standard extensions

Explicit SIMD
  • Fixed the bug of comparison between two bf16’s wi_element. DPCPP#5493
  • Added support for bf16’s wi_element. DPCPP#5397
  • Added support for the [[intel::loop_count()]] attribute. DPCPP#5520
  • Refactored the [[intel::max_work_group_size()]] attribute implementation. DPCPP#5392
std::complex support
  • Added complex support to group algorithms. DPCPP#5394
Device global
Optional device features
  • Allowed the [[sycl::device_has]] attribute on a SYCL kernel. DPCPP#5503