Welcome to LLVM GPU News, a bi-weekly newsletter on all the GPU things under the LLVM umbrella. This issue covers the period from February 25 to March 18, 2022.

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Industry News and Community Events

LLVM and Clang



  • New AMDGPU target definitions were added for gfx940 and gfx1036. D120688, D120846




  • gpu.global_id is added to the GPU dialect. D121548
  • spv.VectorTimesScalar and spv.AssumeTrueKHROp ops are defined in the SPIR-V dialect. D121247 D121601
  • A pass to unify aliased resource variables was added to SPIR-V dialect. D119872
  • A canonicalization pass specifically for GLSL is exposed in SPIR-V dialect. D121222
  • SPIR-V entry point ABI local size is made optional to support OpenCL. D120399
  • spv.GLSL.{U|S}Clamp op type checking is fixed. D121238
  • gpu.barrier is lowered to spv.ControlBarrier now. D120722

OpenMP (Target Offloading)



  • Worked around a bug in libomptarget where necessary globals were removed if the code contained no kernels. D121007

External Compilers


oneAPI DPC++

CUDA/HIP support

  • Added bf16 builtins operating on storage types DPCPP#5748 and optimized half builtins for fma, fmin, fmax and, exp2 DPCPP#5724.
  • Optimized atomic operations DPCPP#5710, math functions DPCPP#5747, and async_work_group_copy DPCPP#5611 for the CUDA backend.

SYCL 2020 support

Non-standard extensions

Explicit SIMD
  • Exposed value_type and min_capacity from SYCL pipes extension class. DPCPP#5471
  • Fixed max_work_group_size and reqd_work_group_size attribute arguments check. DPCPP#5592
  • Added support for the USM Buffer Location Properties extension. DPCPP#5634


  • Prepared SYCL compiler for opaque pointers. DPCPP#5830
  • Optimized Level Zero plug-in:
    • Enabled round-robin submissions to multiple compute CCS. DPCPP#5657
    • Set minimum pooled USM allocation size on device to 512. DPCPP#5635
  • Improved -lname static linking with shared objects DPCPP#5790
  • Fixed a memory leak in reduction resources. DPCPP#5653
  • Added XPTI-based tooling for SYCL applications for tracing profiling and sanitization. DPCPP#5389
  • Fixed a bug with constexpr recursion. DPCPP#4257